A Command on Condiments Bootcamp- Auburn -- Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Time:  2 pm
Location:  Auburn location 203 N Main Street, Auburn, IN


Menu:  Three fun versions of Homemade Aioli, Shrimp Cocktail, and Tarter Sauce

Semi-hands on class:  During this boot camp, you'll experience a fancy flight of condiments that are so darn good and easy to make!  Accompanying the flight of sauces will be turkey, fish and shrimp.  Illustration of using an air fryer for fries that are golden crisp as though they were deep-fried.   Not only will you find these recipes perfect for a cocktail party, fish and chip dinner or a gourmet slider BBQ; you will find they are EASY. 

These simple recipes will show you how to use items you already have in your kitchen, so no need to purchase that store-bought stuff that lacks flavor and chock-full of chemicals.  You will take a basic recipe and learn to add different flavors for different applications.  Keep in mind some like it hot, make one recipe and remove a portion to change it up.  Don't let making a homemade aioli scare you, we will teach you in 5 steps how to make your homemade mayo.   It is super easy and you will never want to purchase store bought mayo again . . . game changer.  A dash of this and a dash of that will make you look like a gourmet cook!  We won't tell!  You get to take home your condiments to share. 

NEW OPTION:  Product Purchase with each class.  You may register for the Class ONLY, or register for Class & Product.  The product purchased here, will ready for you the day of the class to take home.  For this class you may pre-order a  Mayonnaise & Sauce Glass Jar Set for making of your sauces at home.   
Simply fill the jar base, then place the mesh plunger and viola after about 3 to 4 minutes of plunging the consistency will be ready to serve. Other sauces such as Aioli and salad dressing can also be created using this handy kitchen gadget. The set includes a 2 piece sealing lid to store your homemade creations.


1 x Kilner® 0.35 Litre Wide Mouth Preserve Jar
1 x Stainless Steel Mesh Plunger
1 x Stainless Steel Oil Dish
1 x 2 Piece Lid and Screw Band

Care & Use

Dishwasher Safe
Do not pour boiling water directly into your jars/bottles

Notes:  This class is perfect for a gluten-free diet.  This class is not suitable for anyone who is dairy-free or vegan.  No substitutes for special dietary needs, some items can be eliminated, but not substituted. Recipes do contain eggs, diary and seafood.  Please let us know of any food allergies at registration so we can direct you to a better suited class. 

As a bonus for attending a class, you will receive a STUDENT DISCOUNT.  The $5.00 discount may be applied to any purchase of $9.99 and above in our store the day of your scheduled class.  Student Discounts may not be combined with any other discount or special offering.

Space is limited. Registration is REQUIRED. All classes are subject to changes in content, cancellation or rescheduling by The Olive Twist. Our cancellation policy is non-negotiable — please see below.  

PLEASE NOTE:  By registering online, you will receive an EMAIL confirmation with in 48 hours of registering.  If you prefer, phone reservations can be made during business hours by calling 260.436.3866. Payment must be made at time of registration.  If using a Gift Certificate to pay for the class, you must register in person, at either of our locations, for the certificate must be relinquished at time of registration.    

For us to keep our classes well attended, and our food fresh, with food expenses to a minimum, we must impose a non-refundable cancellation policy.  The seat is transferable to another person, but cannot be credited or refunded.  

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