A Bite from Down Under - Friday, August 4, 2017 AU

Time: 6 - 8 pm

Location: Auburn Store, 115 N Main Street, Auburn, IN 46706

COST:  $37.99 on line registration  $36.99 in-store or via 260.436.3866

Semi-Hands-On: This class will make you think outside the box when adding layers and layers of twists and turns in your ingredients.  You will enjoy making a cold rice salad with a mix of fruits and vegetables.  Make your own unique vinaigrette and have a better understanding on the importance of order when is it comes to ingredients.  Find out the difference between a French, Indonesian, Polish, Brazilian and Aussie Rissoles. What is an Australian Biscuit? How about Golden Syrup (it’s not what you might think).  Appreciate how to make a simple balsamic glaze with just one easy step. Last but not least you will have to think back to your math class and do some simple conversions from C to F (don’t worry we will let you cheat).

Menu: Brilliant Cold Rice Salad, Thyme Roasted Parsnips, Aussie Rissoles, Australian Biscuit with fresh fruit and a balsamic glaze.

Note:  This class contains dairy, beef,  and gluten.  Please let us know in advance any food allergies.

As a bonus for attending a class, you will receive a STUDENT DISCOUNT.  The $5.00 discount may be applied to any purchase of $9.99 and above in our store the day of your scheduled class.  Student Discounts may not be combined with any other discount or special offering.

Space is limited. Registration is REQUIRED. All classes are subject to changes in content, cancellation or rescheduling by The Olive Twist. Our cancellation policy is non-negotiable — please see below.  

PLEASE NOTE:  By registering online, you will receive an EMAIL confirmation with in 48 hours of registering.  If you prefer, phone reservations can be made during business hours by calling 260.436.3866. Payment must be made at time of registration.

For us to keep our classes comfortable, our classes well attended, our food fresh, and our food expense to a minimum, we must impose a cancellation policy.

A two-week notice is required for cancellation of any class.  If you do not cancel by calling 260.436.3866 two-weeks prior, we will expect you to be in attendance on the scheduled date, and we will prepare accordingly.

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