Arbequina Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - ORGANIC

A fine example of ripe Arbequina that is an exception to the rule about the Arbequina variety. A farmer favorite because of the sweet olive oil they produce. 

Note: cream and delicate, green almond, artichoke and citrus with a nice peppery finish, low bitterness.

Twist: Good for salad dressings and finishing.

Crush Date:  November 2016         Country of Origin:  USA

*Polyphenols: 252 ppm           *FFA: 0.1

*Oleic Acid: 68.8                     *Peroxide: 5.7

*DAGs: 94.2                            *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:   

      Fruitiness:  4    Bitterness:  3.0    Pungency:  3.5

*as measured at time of crush

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