Around the World Spice Workshop - AU -- Saturday, April 20, 2019

Time:  1 pm
Location:  Auburn, 203 N Main St
Menu:  Pick your favorite countries blend, your second favorite, and your third favorite. We will have light snacks to serve with the blends.

Semi-hands on: You will make 3 blends of your choice using our fun easy recipes. Pick from a Spanish, French, Greek, Brazilian, Italian or Chinese. You will customize your blend to you and your family likes. Leave out the ingredients you don’t like, add more of the ones you do like. You will find what basic spices and herbs you need in your cupboard to make blends as needed to eliminate the jars of unused spices.

Note: This class is perfect will be served with some simple appetizers, and you will go home with 3 of your own homemade blends. Great class for gluten, egg, dairy, nut and vegan customers.
BECAUSE OF FOOD PREPARATION, ALL CLASS REGISTRATION CLOSES 48 hours prior to the scheduled class date.  
As a bonus for attending a class, you will receive a STUDENT DISCOUNT.  The $5.00 discount may be applied to any purchase of $9.99 and above in our store the day of your scheduled class.  Student Discounts may not be combined with any other discount or special offering.

Space is limited. Registration is REQUIRED. All classes are subject to changes in content, cancellation or rescheduling by The Olive Twist. Our cancellation policy is non-negotiable — please see below.  

PLEASE NOTE:  By registering online, you will receive an EMAIL confirmation with in 48 hours of registering.  If you prefer, phone reservations can be made during business hours by calling 260.436.3866. Payment must be made at time of registration.  BECAUSE OF FOOD PREPARATION, ALL CLASS REGISTRATION CLOSES 48 hours prior to the scheduled class date.  

For us to keep our classes well attended, and our food fresh, with food expenses to a minimum, we must impose a non-refundable cancellation policy.  The seat is transferable to another person, but cannot be credited or refunded.  

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