Cooking Class Dinner & Movie - Friday, February 14, 2020

Time:  6 pm  (5:30 pm doors open with Cash Bar)
Location:  NOLA on 13 Bistro, 101 E Washington Blvd, 13th Floor, IN 46802

Parking:  Free street level parking, close by Parking Garages:  Civic and Clinton Street Garages for a nominal fee on premise

ENTER through ground floor Wayne Street Entrance

The Olive Twist is pleased to announce a cooperation with NOLA on 13 Bistro and Coffee with Friends to present a special Valentine Cooking Class Dinner & Movie At NOLA on 13th.  Join us for an evening of New Orleans inspired food, education, spectacular views and a movie.  


Menu:  Apple Pecan Salad with a Maple Dressing, Jambalaya, Creole Seasoning Blend, Gourmet Beignets, Water, Coffee with Friends, Tea and Hot Cocoa.  Cash Bar available. Gourmet Popcorn Bar with Movie


Semi-hands on class:  (1 - 1 1/2 hour presentation & dinner) Unleash the layers of flavor as you build your own New Orleans inspired salad. Discover the simplicity of making your own vinaigrette in mere minutes with a few simple ingredients.  Acquire an understanding of the difference between Creole and Cajun cuisine.  Create your own Creole Seasoning to take home with you. Develop and build the perfect seasoning profile for Jambalaya and the importance of using the correct type of rice.  End the evening with the famous New Orleans Beignets, made special by NOLA on 13, paired with coffee from Coffee with Friends, and Tea or Cocoa options from the Olive Twist.  For the movie, season your popcorn with Olive Twist Oil and Seasoning.  



Notes:  This class is suitable for anyone who is dairy-free, vegan or vegetarian.  Original recipes do contain meat & seafood.  No substitutes for special dietary needs; however dairy, meat, and/or seafood can be eliminated.  Recipe does contain rice and a chicken broth.  Please let us know of any food allergies at registration so we can determine if our recipes contain your food allergens, or if you need directed to a better suited class.

Movie: King Creole, starring Elvis Presley  (1958) (1 h 58 m)
Denied his high school diploma because of a schoolyard fight, Danny Fisher (Elvis Presley) is unsure how he's going to support himself and his unemployed father (Dean Jagger).  He briefly flirts with a life of crime before a club owner (Paul Stewart) hears him singing and offers him a job.  Things look promising until rival club owner and Danny's former boss, Maxie (Walter Matthau) tried to lure him back with threats and charms of his sometimes-girlfriend, Ronnie (Carolyn Jones).  


As a bonus for attending a class, you will receive an Olive Twist STUDENT DISCOUNT.  The $5.00 discount per registration, may be applied to any purchases of $9.99 and above at our stores between February 14 by March 15, 2020.   Student Discounts may not be combined with any other discount or special offering.  Couples Registration pricing honored only with registration in one transaction. 

Space is limited. Registration is REQUIRED. All classes are subject to changes in content, cancellation or rescheduling by The Olive Twist. Our cancellation policy is non-negotiable — please see below.  

PLEASE NOTE:  By registering online, you will receive an EMAIL confirmation with in 48 hours of registering.  If you prefer, phone reservations can be made during business hours by calling 260.436.3866. Payment must be made at time of registration.  If using a Gift Certificate to pay for the class, you must register in person, at either of our locations, for the certificate must be relinquished at time of registration.    

For us to keep our classes well attended, and our food fresh, with food expenses to a minimum, we must impose a non-refundable cancellation policy.  The seat is transferable to another person, but cannot be credited or refunded.