Twisted Dilly Dip

This Dilly Dip takes veggies to a delightful taste, and a sandwich to the next level!  Even tossing beans-- green or chickpeas -- for an appetizing side dish.  Great as a tie-on to a gift.

Directions:  mix contents with 2 cups sour cream.  Add a drizzle of Olive Twist Dill Olive Oil to enhance the flavor.  Refrigerate for one hour for flavors to meld.   For a richer taste use one cup mayonnaise and one cup sour cream.  Yogurt or whipped cottage cheese will make a unique dip.  It may also be blended with cream cheese to make a sandwich spread.

Ingredients:  Lemon Dill Seasoning, onion, dried mixed vegetables, parsley, salt, sugar and other spices

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