Athinoelia Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mild Intensity           Country of Origin:  Greece        Crush Date:  November 2019

This is a beautiful oil from the Kalamata Peninsula of Greece, it is fragrant, malty & creamy with notes of dried tomato and pine nut. This is an extremely early harvest oil. 

     *Biophenols: 272.3 ppm             FFA:  0.28 

      Oleic Acid: 75.9                         Peroxide: 9.7

      DAGs: 93.3                               *PPP: <1.0

Twist: Use for dipping your favorite breads, or as a drizzle in soups, pasta, and beans.


Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:  

Fruitiness:  5          Bitterness:  3.3      Pungency:  3.5


As measured at the time of crush

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