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Education: A part of The Olive Twist, Inc.

January 06, 2016

For over 5 years, The Olive Twist, Inc. has been providing the Fort Wayne and surrounding areas, with quality, fresh Extra-virgin Olive Oil.  As part of this unique shopping experience, the staff tries to briefly enlighten consumers to why purchasing olive oil through The Olive Twist is a smart consumer choice. Occasionally, Lori Berndt, co-owner of the Olive Twist, hosts Olive Oil 101 and Olive Oil Flight classes, to give more in depth look into the nuances of olive oil.  She also briefly incorporates this education into the cooking classes that the stores host each month.  (for a full listing of the classes please visit http://theolivetwist.com/collections/cooking-classes. or follow us on Facebook) Both the Fort Wayne and Auburn locations also retails... Continue Reading →