Beverages: Tea & More

We carry an excellent selection of black tea, green tea, white tea and Herbal (caffeine Free).  All teas are sold by the ounce.  In addition to tea, we have great additional items to make your drinks or cocktails top notch.


Tea Tips:

  • Tea is best made with purified water
  • Tea temperatures and time vary by brand, type and serving technique
  • Shelf life 12-18 months

Sipping Choices

  • plain
  • Sweetener - some people like to add sugar or honey to every type of tea
  • Milk goes best with classic black teas: like Assam, English Breakfast
  • Lemon best with Chinese teas

Cocktail Rimmers, Dusts and mix

These seasonings are PERFECT to add a bit of flavor to the rim of a cocktail, but also can be used for a dash of flavor in the drink.