What is The Olive Twist?

A culinary boutique and online retail establishment, with locations in both Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Auburn, Indiana, specializing in merging the robust complexity of today's gourmet cuisine with the simplicity of old world taste. Explore the flavors and depths of your palate and find a new layer of complexity that will enhance your everyday meal into a quick and easy culinary masterpiece.

What makes The Olive Twist unique?

At our olive oil & vinegar tasting bar and retail boutique, we encourage each of our guests to taste some of the finest quality first-pressed extra virgin olive oil and flavor fused balsamic vinegar from around the world.

What if I do not live near your retail locations?

Feel free to call one of our two retail locations and speak to a knowledgeable associate about your needs.  They will be happy to recommend a product to meet your needs. Click here for our contact information.

How much Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil do I use in place of butter?

Click here to view the butter to olive oil conversion chart. This chart will help you convert your recipes and enjoy the health and taste benefits of Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil found here at The Olive Twist.

How do I pair Balsamic Vinegars with oils to make dressings and marinades?

Click here to view Balsamic Vinegars pairings to make unique dressings and marinades.

How do I pair Olive Oils to make dressings and marinades?

Click here to view Balsamic Vinegars pairings to make unique dressings and marinades. 

How do I purchase a Gift Certificate?

You may purchase/order a gift certificate to our stores by calling 260-436-3866 or stopping into either location.  We also have the gift certificate option in our 'shop section' of the website.  See posting for details.

How do I recycle my bottles?

You may return any CLEAN 200 mL bottle or larger Olive Twist oil and vinegar bottle to either of our locations.  You will receive a discount off your next bottle purchase. The Olive Twist CLEAN Bottle Return Policy is a bottle for bottle exchange. 

When you return a CLEAN 200 mL bottle you receive a $1 off the purchase of a 200 mL or larger oil or vinegar purchase.  If you return a 375 mL or a 750mL bottle you will receive $2 off the same size or larger oil or vinegar purchase. 

We have a Bottle Buck Coupon to apply to future purchases,  if you bring back more bottles than you purchase same day.   Bottle Bucks and Bottle Return Credits cannot be combined on a single bottle purchase.    

Excludes the 60mL Tiny bottles.  We reserve the right to refuse dirty bottles. Maximum credit on 200 mL is $1 off.  Maxiumum credit on  375 mL & 750 mL is $2 off.