Olive Oil and Your Health

We can help you appreciate and understand the rating of mild, medium or
robust flavors, how they compare, and the uses and health benefits they can
 contribute to your favorite dish. 
Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Tasting is similar to wine tasting. You will be amazed at the complexities as you properly taste olive oil or vinegar. When properly tasted you will be able to detect the layers of flavor and appreciate which olive oil or vinegars should go with different food combinations. You will taste the buttery flavor, the subtle pepper flavor or the green taste of some oils. This is all contributed by what type of olive was used for the oils, the region in which it was grown and the process it underwent during the pressing of the oil.

The health benefits will vary as well; if the oil was pressed with or without the stone (seed) will make a difference too. Once you taste the olive oils you will appreciate different uses for different varieties just as your palette appreciates different wine selections with different foods. We will be on hand to assist you with your culinary questions and try to direct you to a selection that will personalize your culinary tastes.

Each guest will be looking for something different and by having the opportunity to sample the selection before purchasing, we can help direct you to the perfect flavor or health criteria you are looking for. Tasting oils before you make a purchase ensures that you find the right product to suit your taste and your cooking style.