Sherry Wine Vinegar

Imported from Jerez, Spain, this Sherry Vinegar is made in the traditional Solera system.  Aged 25 years to produce a flavor that can only come from a cask-aging process.    The Solera process is aging of liquids like wine, beer, vinegar and sherry.  A succession of wooden barrels are filled with product and aged for a specific length of time.  At the end of that time, the oldest container is tapped and bottled.  Then the oldest barrel is filled again from the next-oldest container, and the next-oldest barrel is filled with a slightly younger barrel and so on.  This is the same process that the Italians use for balsamic vinegar.  The superb vinegar is the Spanish version.

NOTES:  This vinegar is assertive, yet smooth with its intensely true sherry flavor of strength and depth.  

TWIST:  Pairs with Hojiblanca, Persian Lime or Herbs de Provence for a salad dressing.  It enhances the flavor of tomatoes, and by adding to any dish you add a hint of a sharp note.  Excellent choice for deglazing pans.  Pairs well with duck, beef or wild game.

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