Fresh Catch Seasoning Trio

The catch of the day will be bursting with flavor with these season packets!  Great on white fish, salmon, scallops.  What will you put on your catch of the day?

Lemon Dill: Not just for fish!  This blend brings citrus life to anything -- grilled, baked, sauteed, or fried. 

By land or Sea was designed especially to complement the mild flavor of seafood, but perfect pairing for those meats of the land.  This seasoning provides a  BURST of pepper and herb flavor when used as a rub or marinade.

Parisian Blend is delicate and light, perfect to add a bright flavor of to a dish.  A layering flavor for Cornish hens, lentils, soups, flat breads, potatoes, and lamb. Wonderful flavor for dips, and sauces.


Twist:  fish marinades, salads, vegetables, potatoes, soups 

Ingredients for each 1 oz packet:

  • Lemon Dill: dried dill, granulated lemon peel, sea salt, ground black pepper, granulated garlic
  • By Land or Sea: Salt, onion, dried chiles, bell pepper, spices, celery, tomato powder, sugar, garlic, paprika, carrots, annatto seed.
  • Parisian Blend: dried chives, dried minced onion, dried red bell pepper, dried marjoram, Himalayan salt, dried tomato powder, other spices.


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