Brazilian Blend

Brazilian Blend 

The classic flavors of authentic, Mexican-style Pollo Asado are more convenient than ever with this seasoning.  The custom blend of New Mexico and smoked Serrano chiles lends a punch of heat and the lime a kiss of citrus to any dish.

Note:  Mild to medium heat from Serrano chiles with a hint of citrus

Twist:  Rub for poultry, fish or meat.  Spicy kick to stir fries or pasta dishes.  Add a little life to dips and spreads and sneak a bit into your chili or add a pinch to soups, stews and great base flavor to build layers of flavor.

Ingredients:  garlic, dried chile peppers, paprika, sugar, lime juice powder (maltodextrin, lime juice solids), salt lime peel, onion powder, citric acid.

2.2 oz glass bottle with pour and shaker option.

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