April 20, 2015

The Olive Twist, a culinary boutique and online retailer, allows you to taste and match over 25 olive oils and 25 of Italy's finest aged balsamic vinegar condimentos to your personal palate. 

We encourage you to create your own twist and enjoy the experimentation of flavor fusions.  As a bonus, our samplings are rich in antioxidants that add to our health benefits without losing the quality of flavor.

Cabob, Kabab, Kabob, What's your preference?

Is there really a difference?  Technically, yes there is, but we won't judge if you want to use them interchangeably! We come from an area, where it is acceptable to pronounce caramel, as carmel, and we have cricks (aka creeks). Ok, I'm off track.  Let me get back to my self education and discovery.  It's fun to learn and clarify something every day-- at least to clarify to the best of a Google search!  

Cabob - The English version of our Western Kabob, which is actually the phonetic pronunciation of kabab. Clear as mud? Let me share what I learned today.

The British call small pieces of meat or seafood seasoned, typically with tomatoes, green peppers, and onions on a skewer, cabobs.  Western civilization, the Grand USA, call them Kabobs, but the original dish is Turkish and though spelled kabab, it is pronounced (kuh-bob).  

This Mediterranean dish is comprised of grilled meat on a stick.  It's closely related cousin Shawarma was recently made popular again because of the movie The Avengers--though it's been around for centuries. The difference between kababs and shawarma?  The stick (aka shis --- as in shis kabab).  Each meat is slow roasted, until succulent and delicious.  The shish kabob (a western version) is served on the stick (great for appetizers!) and usually contain vegetables, kabab is just meat on a stick and the shwarma is plated meat taken off the spit, and served with pita bread.  

All this lead me to gyro (pronounced ˈyērō,ˈZHirō/).  It's very similar to kababs and shwarma, but is a Sandwich. It was 'created' in the late 70's*.  Now my Texan family and friends, have a different name for slow roasting, succulent and delicious meat, but we'll save that discussion for another day.  For now, Enjoy Life . . . It's Delicious at The Olive Twist.


Chicken and Mushroom Kebob with a Balsamic Glaze

2 chicken breast cut into 1” cubes

5 large mushrooms cut into quarters

3 Tbsp. Olive Twist garlic olive oil (divided)

3 Tbsp. Olive Twist butter olive oil (divided)

2 tsp. Fresco Garlic Blend (available at our store)

1 tsp. dried basil

Salt & pepper to taste


Balsamic Glaze

½ cup Olive Twist Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

¼ cup brown sugar, packed

1 tsp. Fresco Garlic Blend (available at The Olive Twist)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Place cubed chicken into a glass dish, the mushrooms in a separate dish and set aside. Take olive oil and seasoning and blend in a small bowl. Pour half over mushrooms and half over chicken and let marinate for ½ hour. Place chicken on a Kebab skew and repeat. Keep separate from the mushrooms.

Do the same for the mushrooms and set aside.

In a small glass bowl together all ingredients for the glaze.

Grill the chicken Kebab for about 15-20 minutes on medium heat, basting with the balsamic glaze as you turn the kabobs. Remove from heat once centers of the chicken are cooked through.

About 10 minutes after the chicken goes on the grill, place the mushroom Kebab on the grill and brush with the balsamic glaze until the mushroom is cooked to desired tenderness.

Serve with potato salad, a green garden salad or rice.