January 05, 2016

The Olive Twist, a culinary boutique and online retailer, allows you to taste and match over 25 olive oils and 25 of Italy's finest aged balsamic vinegar condimentos to your personal palate. 

We encourage you to create your own twist and enjoy the experimentation of flavor fusions.  As a bonus, our samplings are rich in antioxidants that add to our health benefits without losing the quality of flavor.

More than just Holiday Gifts

Enjoy life . . . It's delicious at the Olive Twist, Inc.  And that isn't just during the holiday season!  Collaborating on how simply our products can be integrated into your daily culinary routine, is illustrated in this Insight segment.  

Lori and Dirk explore PANCAKES, a breakfast staple in many households.  From the batter, to the scraper, The Olive Twist has what you need to whip up fantastic pancakes.